Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)

Technical Paper "Subject" Listing

Every year, SAE publishes several thousand papers written by the engineering community covering vehicle technology of all forms - land, sea, air, and space. These papers are presented during the various SAE conferences that are held throughout the world. Many of these papers provide a window into detailed Automotive design information that is found no where else.

The amount and depth of information contained in these papers is staggering and will open your eyes to the volume of work that goes on behind the scenes during the development of new vehicle systems.

SAE also publishes in bound form, several of these technical papers grouped together, which focus on a particular subject. Automotive sensors, Exhaust emissions, and ABS braking systems are just a few examples of the wide variety of topics explicitly covered in these special Publications. Look in the Tech. Info section on the SAE website for more info.

SAE also publishes their monthly magazine, "Automotive Engineering" which is provided when you become a member of SAE. This magazine is a great resource for automotive technical information on new vehicle models.
Actual Copies of the Technical papers listed below can be ordered directly from SAE

Some University Libraries have copies of present and past SAE technical papers stored on micro-fiche.

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