Audi related SAE Technical Paper Listings

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770112 A five-cylinder engine as an economical, smooth-running power plant

780418 An update of the development on the new Audi NSU rotary engine generation

790306 Catalyst systems with an emphasis on three-way conversion and novel concepts

790713 Road stress resistance and lightweight construction of automobile road wheels

791030 A 30 mph front/rear crash with human test persons

800204 "Biberonnage'' makes an electric car practical with existing batteries

810083 Chemical characterization of particulates from diesel-powered passenger cars

810137 Importance of engineering plastics in modern vehicle construction

810422 Front wheel drive concepts

820094 The application of a new vehicle endurance test system at AUDI NSU

820441 The 4- and 5-cylinder Turbocharged diesel engines for Volkswagen and Audi

820801 Development of plastics parts for the racing and standard versions of the Audi-Quattro

830087 Particulate control systems for diesel engines using catalytic traps

830424 Microcomputer controlled engine management for the Audi Quattro

830455 Particulate emissions from diesel engines evaluation of measurement and results

831814 A three-chamber corrosion test method for passenger cars

840361 Characterization of exhaust emissions from diesel-powered passenger cars

840502 A microprocessor controlled recorder fatigue load measurements long-term-test vehicles

845042Turbocharged Spark Ignition Engine Simulation: Audi 5 cylinder Engine featured.

850034 Development of a natural gas stratified charge rotary engine

850053 Cost-benefit analysis of simplified ABS

850484 The best function for the seat of a passenger car

851689 Electronic ignition control

860103 The third-generation Turbocharged engine for the Audi 5000 CS and 5000 CS Quattro

860806 Structural modification for the automated design process

862029 The galvanized body shell - an important feature in the corrosion protection system

880122 Turbocharged S.I. engine simulation under steady and transient conditions: Audi 5 cylinder featured

880258 The development of a severe turbocharger bench engine test

880321 Brakes and ABS on four-wheel drive vehicles

890094 The application of innovative brake technology on the Audi V8

890369 Principles of ground simulation techniques in automotive wind tunnels

900019 Structure-borne noise prediction techniques

900321 Different ground simulation techniques for use in automotive wind tunnels

900648 The new Audi five-cylinder turbo diesel engine with second generation direct injection

900650 Design and development of the new Audi 3.6 Litre, 32 valve V8

901754 Parameter identification for noise prediction in car structures

902116 Unregulated motor vehicle exhaust gas components

910020 Stages in the development of four-wheel drive systems in Audi passenger cars

910247 Electric hybrid drive systems for passenger cars and taxis

910678 The new Audi V6 engine

912301 European automotive industry's design and materials, corrosion protection today

930300 Audi aero-acoustic wind tunnel

930399 Misfire detection by evaluating crankshaft speed, OBDII

931268 Damping measurement of sound insulating layers on thin metal sheets

931951 Cost-benefit of computer simulation techniques in the automotive industry

932360 Corrosion protection measures on an all-aluminum body

941952 Methods to analyze non-regulated emissions from diesel engines
950512 Unsteady gasoline injection experiments:measurements in quiescent air, intake port

951072 Development of electrically heated catalyst (EHC) for the LEV and EU-III legislation

960261 Close-coupled catalytic converter. LEV/ULEV and EGIII legislation

960452 Hiplock effect on the Hybrid III dummy

960671 On the correction of interference effects in open-jet wind tunnels

960672 Ground simulation and wheel rotation on aerodynamic drag optimization

962341 Modeling of a MacPherson vehicle suspension using multi body systems techniques

970088 RAMSIS - A new CAD tool for ergonomic analysis of vehicles, German auto industry

970133 Rotating wheels, Their impact on wind tunnel test techniques vehicle drag results

970136 Contemplation of nozzle blockage in open-jet wind tunnels different "Q" techniques

970405 The sideways dynamic force on passenger cars in turbulent winds

970922 Development of modern engine lubrication systems

972684 Why do we need the diesel?

980417 Design and optimization of a clsoe-coupled catalyst concept for Audi 4 cylinder engines.

980899 Research on the dynamics of flexible multibody system of passenger car suspension

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