Turbocharger related SAE Technical Paper Listings

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450053 Turbocharger design and application

580249 Turbocharger shaft dynamics

580314 Problems in matching turbochargers to high speed diesel engines

590076 Service and maintenance of turbochargers and turbocharged engines

590114 Experience with turbochargers in marine use in British Columbia

600449 Design and development of the Thompson model 400 turbocharger

600450 Developing the turbocharger for its application

620247 Turbocharger controls

660133 Influence of turbocharger characteristics on supply of air for high speed diesel engines

660473 Effect of turbochargers on engine performance

670267 Aircraft cabin pressurization by means of turbocharger driven by exhaust

670507 Turbine blade vibrations of turbochargers

680226 Performance characteristics of aircraft with turbo supercharged engine and cabin

680406 Turbo charging does not increase diesel engine noise

690033 A theoretical study of the flow in impellers of mixed and radial flow compressors

690757 Development of a high-speed dynamometer, results obtained from a C.A.V.01 turbine

700531 Mixed and radial flow compressors - discussion of methods for design improvements

700534 Turbocharger - a vital part of the engine intake and exhaust

700536 Turbocharger after cooling - why and how

710172 Some problem areas in engine simulation

710173 Digital computer program to simulate a compression ignition engine,intake,exhaust

710176 Mathematical simulation of a large turbocharged two-stroke diesel engine

710177 Simulation of a turbocharged diesel engine operating under transient load conditions

710557 Mack Maxidyne, ENDT865 diesel with Dynatard engine brake

710672 Pre combustion chamber diesel engine emissions a progress report

720717 Coordinating the complete cooling package

730665 Performance of a turbocharged diesel engine, using air injection into compressor

730667 Some further tests on a computer program to simulate internal combustion engines

730716 Modifying a 1971 Toyota engine for the 1973 reduced emission devices rally

740738 Matching of high-output turbocharged engines for max torque using variable geometry

770047 Effects of exhaust manifold, turbocharged engine employing charge stratification

771013 Development of a new generation of simplified turbocharger systems

780633 The turbocharged five-cylinder Diesel engine for the Mercedes-Benz 300 SD

790063 Turbochargers for the 1980s-current trends and future prospects

790064 Variable area turbocharger for high output diesel engines

790065 Compressor and turbine specific speed on turbocharger efficiency and performance

790066 Centrifugal compressor development for a variable area turbocharger

790067 Series Turbo charging~A requirement for high specific output, vehicular diesel engines

790069 Helmholtz tuned induction system for turbocharged diesel engine

790207 Some special features of the turbocharged gasoline engine

790269 DI diesel engine becomes noisier at acceleration~the transient noise of diesel engine

790277 Computer aided design package for diesel engine manifold system

790278 The role of the computer in turbocharger design development and testing

790311 Turbo charging small displacement spark ignition engines for improved fuel economy

790312 Turbo charging Ford's 2.3 liter spark ignition engine

790313 Installation and design problems associated with the automotive turbocharger

790314 Turbo charging four-cycle diesel engines

790315 Turbocharger compressor performance evaluation and critical flow field measurements

790608 Selection of aircraft turbocharger systems

800016 Ni-resist type D5S ~ an improved material for turbocharger housings

800029 A combustion correlation for diesel engine simulation

800029 A combustion correlation for diesel engine simulation

800833 Knock detector system controlling turbocharger boost pressure

801136 Investigation of a twin-entry radial flow turbine under non-steady flow conditions

810004 An overview of some turbocharged gasoline and diesel engine automobiles

810005 Turbo charging the automotive two stroke diesel engine

810016 Lubricant performance in passenger car turbochargers

810336 Variable geometry Turbo charging~the realistic way forward

810523 Design, fabrication and testing of alpha silicon carbide turbocharger rotor

811227 Optimized lubricants for turbocharged passenger car engines

811417 Weight and cost reduction~ components~converting castings to stampings

820029 Isuzu's new 12.OL turbocharged diesel with waste gate boost control for fuel economy

820201 Magnetic methods of sensing shielded part motion

820257 Endurance test of a sunflower oil/diesel fuel blend

820325 The design and performance of three 4:1 pressure ratio IFR turbine rotors

820327 Development of a broad range turbocharger using compressor-to-turbine bleed

820331 A new device for improving the performance of the SI internal combustion engines

820442 The turbocharged 2.8 liter engine for the Datsun 280ZX

820992 High performance Turbo charging - a practical approach for amateur racing

821149 The effects of turbocharger design and installation on gasoline vehicle response

830012 Turbochargers with hydraulic assist

830013 Design features and operating experiences of the aerodyne Dallas VATN turbocharger

830014 Turbo charging for fuel efficiency

830143 Comparison of the 3-cylinder DI-diesel with turbocharger or Comprex-supercharger

830146 A single cylinder engine study of lean supercharged operation for spark ignition engines

830371 Recent advancements in non-contact diesel diagnostics

830433 The use of micro-processor controls for durability testing

830878 Turbo charging for the fuel efficient urban car

831074 High performance methane engines

831202 Series 92 fuel economy improvements

831789 Exhaust brakes for Japanese trucks

840013 Sintered silicon nitride turbocharger rotor

840014 Performance of a ceramic rotor in a Cummins T46 turbocharger

840018 Some unresolved problems in the design of turbochargers

840019 High performance Komatsu KTR150 turbocharger

840020 H3 series~a turbocharger for heavy duty applications

840251 Turbo charging the 1983-1/2 - 1984 Ford 2.3L OHC engine

840252 Turbo charging the Chrysler 2.2 liter engine

840261 An evaluation and optimization of lubricants for turbocharged gasoline engines

840481 Measurement of dynamic elastomer properties in a torsional vibration damper

840571 Study of the performance of a nozzle-less volute casing for turbocharger turbines

841017 Recent technology development of high-powered rotary engine at Mazda

841257 Dynamic neutron fluoroscopy of automotive engines

841285 Comparison of a turbocharger to a supercharger on a spark-ignited engine

841301 Passenger car diesel engines charged by different systems for improved fuel economy

845042Turbocharged Spark Ignition Engine Simulation

850035 Mitsubishi's compound intake system engine

850242 Results obtained with variable turbine entry turbochargers on the DI diesel engine

850312 Ceramic turbine wheel developments for Mitsubishi turbocharger

850313 Development of silicon nitride turbine rotors

850314 Computer analysis of turbocharger heat soak back properties

850455 Double-layer valve seat inserts for passenger car diesel engines

850567 Ceramic components in passenger-car diesel engines

851523 A new type of Miller supercharging: part 2 - realization of high BMEP diesel engines

852177 Lubrication of turbocharged passenger car engines

852233 Fuel injection system for motorcycles

860034 Knock reduction of spark-ignition engines by EGR

860074 A sequential Turbo charging method for highly-rated truck diesel engines

860104 A Transient vehicle performance, fixed geometry, waste gated turbo, variable geometry

860105 Development of Nissan variable geometry JET turbocharger

860106 Nissan's new in-line DOHC six cylinder engine and its development

860107 Variable geometry Turbo charging with electronic control

860308 Fumigation of alcohols in a multi cylinder diesel engine~evaluation of potential

860311 New turbocharger concept made of sintered silicon nitride

860364 Computer simulation of vehicle fuel economy and performance

860403 Non contact sensors for automotive testing

860443 Life time prediction of ceramic turbocharger rotor

860452 Variable geometry Turbo charging of a large truck diesel engine

860460 ISUZU new 9.8L diesel engine with variable geometry turbocharger

860487 Closed loop turbocharger control with transient waste gate functions

860898 Diesel fuel systems to prevent operational problems

861128 Development of Nissan high response ceramic turbocharger rotor

861129 Measuring the benefits and costs of ceramic turbochargers: from the driver's seat

861130 Ceramic turbine wheels for turbochargers

861969 Electronic applications to the power train of Japanese trucks and buses

862051 Turbocharger applications

870025 Selecting components for a compound low-heat-rejection diesel for light-duty use

870162 Thermal shock calculations in I.C. engines

870295 A practical model for the performance simulation of an automotive turbocharger

870299 Durable turbocharger bearing systems for high temperature applications

870354 Development of high efficiency ball-bearing turbocharger

870374 Engineering properties of low coefficient austenitic ductile iron for engine applications

870446 Present and prospective technologies of rotary engine

870570 Engine cycle simulation, tool for the development of diesel engines

870701 The approach of Garrett to turbocharger application on Formula 1 racing engines

870704 Supercharger versus turbocharger in vehicle applications

870708 Design of intake manifolds for supercharged I.C. engines with inter cooling

870723 Computer simulation of turbocharged diesel engines under transient conditions

871041 Design and development of a light weight, high pressure ratio aircraft turbocharger

871623 Lubricant performance and turbochargers analysis for alternate fuel tests

880118 A variable-geometry turbocharger control system for high output diesel engines

880119 Variable nozzle turbochargers for medium-speed diesel engines

880120 Developments of variable area radial turbines for small turbochargers

880121 Variable nozzle turbochargers for passenger car applications

880122 Turbocharged S.I. engine simulation under steady and transient conditions

880258 The development of a severe turbocharger bench engine test

880301 A study of diaphragm durability

880563 Improvement of turbocharger life for diesel and gasoline engines

880702 The development of second generation ceramic turbocharger rotor~Further, reliability

880703 The development of second generation ceramic turbocharger

880704 Development of brazing technology for ceramic turbocharger rotors

880794 Application of map width enhancement devices to turbocharger compressor stages

885094 Flow with variable specific heats in the exhaust pipe system, internal combustion engine

890290 Surface improvement for advanced ceramic/metal joining

890395 Heavy -duty diesel engine emissions,control of a variable geometry turbocharger

890426 Garrett experience in ceramic turbocharger turbine wheels

890455 Superior charging technology by screw supercharger, High tech turbocharger

890457 A high power, wide torque range, engine with a variable geometry turbocharger

890458 Experimental study of a 1.1 l turbocharged inter cooled carburetted engine

890459 Combined boost pressure and knock control system for SI engines, 3-D maps for control

890466 Isuzu B-series engines and its introduction in USA market

890472 Piston engine configuration alternatives

890643 Aerodynamic advancements in turbocharger compressor and turbine wheel design

890644 The design and testing of a mixed-flow turbine for turbochargers

890645 Variable geometry turbocharger with electronic control

890646 Performance development of the Holset variable geometry turbocharger

891873 Study of variable scroll type turbocharger (performance test in diesel engine)

891874 Study of variable scroll type turbocharger (determination of shape of scroll)

900125 Development of a ball bearing turbocharger

900176 The design of a new turbocharger test

900340 Development of a low frictional mechanical seal for turbocharger of automotive engines

900344 A new look at oxygen enrichment~The diesel engine

900356 Design and development of the Holset HX series of turbochargers

900357 Axial-radial turbocharger for automotive applications

900358 Flow measurements and flow predictions at the inlet of a turbocharger turbine

900359 Effect of inlet pulsating pressure on turbine performance, waste gated turbocharger

900595 Model-based electronic diesel engine and turbocharger control

900656 Silicon nitride turbocharger rotor for high performance automotive engines

900889 Electronic control of a variable geometry turbocharger

901601 Theoretical investigation of the matching between an I.C.E. and a turbocharger

902177 Understanding diesel engine lubrication at low temperature

902263 The impact of elevated turbocharger outlet conditions on charge air cooler durability

910418 Second law analysis of turbocharged engine operations

910421 A small turbocharger for passenger car and truck applications

910423 New developments in waste gated passenger car turbocharger aerodynamics

912461 A study on the characteristics of transient response in a turbocharged diesel engine

920041 The aerodynamic design of variable power turbines for turbochargers

920042 Flow measurements at the inlet of a turbocharger turbine

920043 Performance audit of a highly backswept 91 mm centrifugal turbocharger compressor

920044 Improving start ability and transient response of turbocharged diesel trucks

920045 Development of a turbocharger system with variable area turbine nozzle for HD trucks

920047 Development of advanced model of turbocharger for automotive engines

920361 Transient behavior of turbocharged-engined vehicles with diesel particulate traps

920466 Prediction of diesel engine particulate emission during transient cycles

921090 Time dependent fluid dynamic simulations for more accurate time averaged results

921701 New RH..3 series turbocharger for diesel engine with 400-2000kW per turbo rating

930164 Development method joining ceramic shaft to metal sleeve for high performance

930191 A capacitance based transducer to detect oil leakage from the turbine

930194 Reliability on variable geometry turbine turbocharger

930195 Optimization of a waste gate turbocharged medium speed diesel engine

931179 Modeling of the complete vehicle power train using Enterprise

931318 Structural vibration analysis in turbocharger-exhaust systems

932820 Efficiency determination of turbochargers for otto-cycle engines

940839 Comparison of turbocharger performance, steady flow and pulsating flow on engines

940896 Reducing NO\dx in ICE

942003 Turbo charging a bi-fuel engine for performance equivalent to gasoline

942530 Performance turbocharger failure analysis~Causes and solutions

950190 Bearing-grade thermoplastic polyimides in automotive tribological applications

951882 Very-high-speed, hydraulic-turbine-driven supercharging system

952099 High output compound diesel engine schemes~ state-of-the-art turbocharged engines

952102 Development of variable nozzle turbocharger~Part 1~axially movable turbocharger

952222 Strategies for commercial vehicle engines for complying with Euro III limit

952285 The design, development and testing of HP turbocharger centrifugal compressor

952295 Turbocharger rotor-bearing design optimization

960018 Development of turbocharger for improving passenger car acceleration

961747 Performance development of a new axially moveable vane turbocharger

961826Predicting vehicle turbocharged diesel engine performance at altitude

962039 Engine oil deposits and the TEOST protocol 33 and beyond

962500 Alternative performance turbocharger bearing design

962550 Beyond rapid prototyping, transition from CAD to manufacturing, metal parts

970056 IC engine simulation program for multiple turbocharger configurations

970205 Analysis of thermal loading in a turbocharged gasoline engine

970234 A new approach to low-cost high-efficiency automotive gas turbines

970341 Development of SJ (Swirl Jet) turbocharger for diesel engine vehicles

970343 Particle image velocimetry characterization of a turbocharger turbine inlet flow

970344 The design and operation of a turbocharger test facility designed for transient simulation

971565 On-engine turbocharger turbine inlet flow characterization

971566 Characterization and modeling of turbocharger dynamic performance

972674 Development of a new small passenger car turbocharger

972676 High-speed, hydraulic-turbine-driven supercharger system and controls optimization

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