Torsen related SAE Technical Paper Listings

First two digits indicate the year the article was published. Order hard copies by going to the SAE web site.

861369 Permanent and Part Time Four Wheel Drive and Typical Tractive Force
870542 Controllability and Stability of Variouis Types of Four Wheel Drive Cars Distribution

880321 Brakes and ABS on Four Wheel Drive Vehicles-Audi AG

885140 The Influence of a Torsen Centre Differential on the Handling of Four Wheel Drive Vehicles-Audi AG

880698 PDS (Porsche Dynamic Slip Control Clutch) - A New Inter-Axle Coupling Device for 4WD -Car

940736 The New Torsen II Traction Technology

940831 Analysis of Traction Control Systems Augmented by Limited Slip Differentials

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