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Return Policy

Electrical (E) parts, Genuine Audi Dealer (GA), Special Order (SO), Fuel System (FS) parts, and Air Conditioning (AC) parts are not returnable for any reason.

DVD, CD ROM and Paper Repair Manuals can not be returned for credit or refund.

No returns accepted after 14 days of purchase.

New or Rebuilt TURBOCHARGERS can not be returned for credit and have a limited 6 month warranty.

Within 14 days (10 business days) of your order, except as noted above, you may return for partial credit:
Parts that are in original condition, in their original undamaged packaging, that were the wrong part due to your error or were not needed by you. Parts that have been installed, modified, disassembled, or damaged in any way can not be returned for credit or refund.

All Parts returned for credit will be subject to a Twenty-Five (25%) restocking fee unless you received the wrong part due to our error.

If the part(s) you are returning received free shipping, you will also be charged for our shipping costs for your original order.

SJM Autotechnik will not accept unauthorized returns.

To submit a "Return Request", you must log into your SJM Autotechnik on line account and locate the part you need to return by reviewing your list of previous orders.
Then click on the "Create Return Request" link and from the drop down menu select the "Return/Reason" for each part you want to return.
Click "Continue and then "Create" to submit the return request.

Parts that have core charges associated with them, can not be returned for any reason once we have received your core back into our system.

The Turbocharger Warranty Registration Certificate must be completed and returned within 14 days to
activate this limited 6 month warranty. See Turbocharger Installation requirements below:

Special Note regarding the purchase of any Electrical, Electronic or Fuel System parts:

Many times novice auto mechanics will order a new electrical part, electronic control unit or fuel system part with the "hope" that it will fix their vehicles particular problem. When the problem is not cured by the installation of these new parts, often times they want to return the electrical, electronic or fuel injection part because they think the new part must be faulty, but the real problem lies in their incorrect diagnosis.

Please be aware that you are responsible for any diagnostic mistakes and that Electrical, Electronic or Fuel System parts can not be returned for any reason.

Damaged or Faulty Part Returns:
Warranty claims for parts that appear to fail or appear to be faulty immediately after installation:

Please contact us as soon as possible, as we may need to ask you questions to determine if all the factory procedures were followed during the installation of these parts.

To submit a "Return Request", you must log into your SJM Autotechnik on line account and locate the part you need to return by reviewing your list of previous orders.
Then click on the "Create Return Request" link and from the drop down menu select the "Return/Reason" for each part you want to return.
Click "Continue and then "Create" to submit the return request.

Follow the Part)s) Return Procedure below for preparing your part(s) return.

At our discretion, if we believe that you received a defect part, we will send you another part to replace the defective part, BUT will charge your credit card for this replacement part.

Once we receive the part back at our location, it will be sent to our suppliers representatives for test and examination. After we receive confirmation from our suppliers representative that the part was indeed faulty or defective, we will issue a credit on your credit card account. Please allow 14 days for this inspection process to be completed, and an additional 7 days for the credit to show up on your credit card account.

In some cases, at our discretion, we may elect to NOT send a 2nd replacement part to replace the item in question that you determined was faulty upon installation. In this case we will issue a credit following the "Return Request" procedures listed above.

In many cases the problem with the operation of the part you received from us, is due to the failure of some other component in the vehicle, or the part failure is due to an incorrect installation by an unqualified mechanic, or by the mechanic or technician not following the factory installation procedure.

Rebuilt Power Steering pumps, new brake master cylinders, brake boosters, fuel pumps are just a few examples of parts that have been reported to us as having failed upon installation, but in fact had nothing wrong with them after our suppliers tested them.

In these cases, we recommend that the mechanic or technician installing the part in question, source the 2nd replacement part locally from another supplier and return the questionable part to us for credit.

Part(s) Return Procedure:

If you have merchandise that must be returned, you must complete a Return Authorization request by logging into your account. Locate the order with the part(s) you need to return, click on the "Create Return Request" link and select the reason for your return(s).

When returning parts for credit, they MUST be in the original box or packaging and MUST be protected inside a separate shipping box.

The part and its box MUST be surrounded by protected material to avoid damage to the part and to avoid damaging the original packaging so the part can be re-sold.

NO shipping labels, stickers, or writing of any kind can be placed on the parts original packaging to receive credit.

The actual merchandise returned must agree with the list submitted on our Return Authorization request form. Any unauthorized merchandise accompanying an authorized return will be shipped back to the customer (at customer's expense) or scrapped at our discretion.

Returns sent freight collect are not allowed and will be refused at SJM Autotechnik's door. Customers who ship returns freight collect will be charged back the freight bill to their accounts. Returns without a Return Material Authorization (R.M.A.) number on the outside of the package will be refused at the door by SJM Autotechnik.

Items returned in an unsaleable condition will not be honored for credit and will be returned to the customer (at the customer's expense) or scrapped at their discretion. Returns with damaged packaging may be assessed a re-boxing fee or may be rejected for credit. Returns for electrical or fuel injection parts will not be accepted except for warranty returns. Returns for accessories will not be accepted except for warranty returns with the final disposition to be determined by the manufacturer. Returns for special order items and obsolete items are not allowed. Items no longer stocked by SJM Autotechnik may not be returnable.

Credit will be issued to your charge card after the part has been returned in its original packaging and has been inspected by the original supplier or manufacturer for any damage and has been approved for restocking. Please allow 5-7 days for the credit to show up on your credit card account once we receive the returned item.

Core Charge Returns:
Some of our parts have core charges associated with them. Within 60 days of purchase, this core charge will be refunded after we receive your original part in rebuildable condition in the original box or packaging.

.The original core charge will be credited back to your credit card account.

The customer is responsible for any shipping and handling costs when returning cores to us.

Please allow 7-10 days to process your core returns and for us to credit your account.

Return procedures are the same as detailed above but please make sure the core unit has been drained of any fluid, and is wrapped in plastic and sealed to avoid leaks. Use packing newspaper to keep the core from moving inside the original part box. The original part box should be placed inside another shipping box for protection.

Use a shipping method that provides Insurance and Delivery Confirmation.

Cores are examined upon receipt. Cores missing parts or missing portions of the core, will be subject to charges for the missing or damaged parts. All cores must be returned in rebuildable condition to receive full credit.

Unusable cores will be returned to the customer (at the customers expense)

Parts Manufacturer's Warranty:

SJM Autotechnik warrants that parts sold by us will be free from defects in material and workmanship, and suitable for a specific purpose.

SJM Autotechnik agrees to warranty products or components (except some electrical components) for six (6) or Twelve(12) months from date of sale dependent on the manufacturer, shall upon test and examination by SJM Autotechnik and its suppliers prove defective within the above warranty period with the exception of manufacturers' warranties.

Please contact us to obtain the specific warranty term (6 or 12 months) for any part we provide.

If your part is still under warranty and fails, we will send you another part and charge your credit card. Once we receive back the defective part and after inspection it proves to be defective, we will issue a credit to your credit card account minus any shipping charges.

If your part originally received free ground shipping, there may not be any shipping charges deducted but this will be determined when the warranty replacement part is sent out.

Warranty claims will not be honored for items, which have been subject to unauthorized use, improper installation, alteration from original specifications, or improper maintenance. Items, which have failed due to failure of other related parts not sold by SJM Autotechnik, will not be warranted. These items include: Brake discs or Brake pads, Wheel bearings, fuel injectors, clutch components, timing belt components, some electrical parts, light bulbs and A/C compressors that were not installed by a licensed Auto repair facility with ASE certified technicians.

Warranty claims will only be honored if the returned part was purchased from SJM Autotechnik.

Warranty claims must follow this process HERE

Warranty policies may vary within product groups by vendor. Any questions relating to warranty policies on specific items should be directed to us by email: Warranty Information.

SJM Autotechnik will not be liable for any loss, loss of use, labor costs, damage, or consequential damages of any kind arising in connection with the sale, use or repair of products purchased from us.

All warranties will be void if the part or product was not installed by a qualified automotive technician or mechanic in the prescribed manner as dictated by the factory repair/service procedure(s).

Incorrectly serviced vehicles, or vehicles used in any way that was not intended by the original Manufacturer are not covered by this parts warranty.

Supplier or manufacturer denied warranties from SJM Autotechnik's supplied parts may be returned to you and you will be notified for return and/or scrap instructions. Credits already issued for denied warranties will be reversed on your credit card account. A handling charge may be assessed on warranty claims proven to be unfounded by SJM Autotechnik and its suppliers.

All warranted parts are to be returned to our location in Portland Oregon, unless otherwise instructed. All warranty claims for all parts must be accompanied with copies of the original invoice. Warranty returns will be returned to the customer (at the customer's expense) if proper documentation is not supplied.

On-Line Parts Catalog Application and Price Errors, Parts Brand Substitution

The On-Line Parts Catalog was developed using the vehicle manufacturer replacement parts data and the aftermarket parts supplier catalogs which may contain parts specification errors for some vehicle applications. In some cases the On-Line Parts Catalog may also contain pricing mistakes and errors that are outside our control.

We reserve the right to cancel any parts order which was placed using incorrect vehicle application data or errors in specific parts pricing.

Parts Brand Substitution:

We reserve the right to substitute a different brand part of equal or better quality to complete your order.

In some cases the part you ordered from the on line catalog was the last one in the country and has already been shipped from the warehouse to another customer and is no longer available in the brand or for the price quoted on line.

Payment Terms
We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover Card, or payment by PayPal.

Payment by Check can be used, but items will not ship until the check has cleared your bank.

Cash is not accepted, unless payment is made at our location.

Anytime we ship parts to you, we must first receive payment for the items being sent. For most customers we will charge your credit card for these parts, even in situations where we are sending you a warranty replacement part, or if we are sending you a part to correct an error on our part.

We will credit your credit card account, only after we have received the defective or incorrect part back at our location.

In the event of a chargeback request, the customer will be responsible for a minimum $50.00 administrative fee per incident. This fee covers the administrative costs and the fee charged by the bank.

There is also a $25.00 service fee for forwarding copies of documents to a third party on behalf of the customer. Payment for chargeback administrative and service fees is due within 15 days of receipt of invoice. Payment is to be in the form of cashiers check or Postal money order.

Unpaid balances more than 30 days old will be turned over for collections. Customers will be financially responsible for cost of collections, interest, legal fees, and penalties on any unpaid balances.

Shipping Policies

On-Line orders received Monday-Friday are processed within 48 hours with Monday-Friday delivery.

To speed up delivery to our customers across the USA, we may use the US Postal Service Priority Mail delivery which will deliver Monday through Fridays and on Saturday.

Note: Will Call Pickup is not available at our Portland Oregon location but we can ship to the Portland Metro area using the Postal
Service Priority Mail service to reduce shipping costs.

Orders placed by phone or email may have additional shipping/handling charges applied depending on the parts ordered.

Audi Dealer supplied parts, non catalog parts and Special order parts will normally have additional shipping/handling charges applied.

Our normal delivery service is provided by UPS or by the US Postal Service
If the US Post Offcie does not deliver to your area, please notify us when the order is placed.

Orders placed with a "SHIPPING" address that is different from the "BILLING" address on file for your credit card, may be held for 24-48 hours for review and may not be allowed

In some cases with first time orders, we may be required to ship "only" to your "BILLING" address.

If you need to use a different shipping address, we recommend you contact your credit card company and add this shipping address to your account information.

Shipments to Hawaii, Alaska and International locations are not eligible for free shipping as they
are required to use US Post Office Priority Mail with additional costs.

UPS ground delivery normally takes 4 to 7 business days. (Monday through Friday)

Depending on your location, we may ship parts from our Portland, Oregon location, or we may chose to ship from one of our warehouses located across the US.

In some cases we may need to split your order into 2 deliveries and ship your parts from multiple warehouse locations.

Some parts orders may be shipped using the United States Postal Service (USPS) Priority Mail service to save time and costs. This shipping method may also be used for heavy items which fit into the flat rate Priority Mail shipping boxes.

Orders received which require a shipping address that is different than the billing address for your credit card
may be held 24-72 hours for review before being shipped out.

International orders may require 3-7 business days to complete and ship out.

Redirected Shipments:
Any shipments redirected to a different address by the customer will be charged for the additional handling and shipping costs, but at a minimum this surcharge will be $20 USD.

Shipping Errors
Any errors; i.e., mis-shipments, etc., must be brought to our attention within five (5) business days from receipt of merchandise. Claims on errors not reported within five (5) working days from receipt of merchandise may not be honored.

If we have the correct parts in stock, we will send you the correct part but we will charge your credit card for this additional part. We must receive the incorrect part back at our location, before we can issue a credit on your credit card account for the correct part we sent to you.

To facilitate the return of these incorrect parts, in most cases, we will send you a Return Service label by mail, by Email or we may arrange directly for a pickup service so you can return the incorrect part back to us. If the dollar value of the incorrect parts sent to you is small, we may direct you to scrap the part and not return it to us.

Refused Shipments
Refused shipments are subject to a minimum of 25% handling charge in addition to the freight charges.

Shipping Damage Claims
In the unlikely event packages arrive damaged, please contact us,
but realize that claims will have to be made directly to the carrier who delivered the package.

Every assistance in making such claims will be provided.


International Shipments including Canada:

Parts shipped outside the US may have an additional handling charge applied to your order depending on the type of shipping used.

We use US Postal Service International Priority Mail for our normal International Shipping, but can also send using US Postal Service International Express Mail option.

Each Country may impose additional Duty fees, Taxes, or Brokerage fees that are the customers responsibility upon delivery.

We can not mark your auto parts "merchandise" shipment as a "gift" to avoid these fees.

Please contact your local Customs office to determine any additional Duty, Tax or Brokerage fees that may be required upon delivery of your package.

United Postal Service (UPS) Worldwide Express, or Worldwide Expedited (Ground) is also available but will generally have much higher shipping costs and UPS may impose additional Brokerage fees due upon delivery.

International payments using PayPal will be delayed 2-3 days until the PayPal payment clears our bank account. Orders over $200 require payment by direct wire transfer. Payment for shipments to Canada can be done using your Visa, Mastercard or Discover card.

Our prices are subject to a number of variables including freight costs and foreign currency fluctuations among others, and are subject to change without notice.

Price quotes are valid for 7 days.

Parts orders placed using our On Line catalog that total over $50 normally include ground shipping at no additional charge for delivery in the lower 48 states.

Parts that are not listed in our On Line catalog may have additional shipping charges applied to your order.

Order Cancellation:

If an order has been placed on-line, by telephone, or confirmed by email and has been processed by us, but the parts have not been shipped out, you can cancel the order.

In these cases you will be charged an order cancellation fee of $25 or 10% of the order total, whichever is greater.

Power Steering pump Installation Requirements:
Power steering pumps must be primed with fluid and rotated by hand until fluid comes out the pressure port(s), prior to installation as prescribed in the factory repair manual.

To ensure warranty coverage, the Power Steering system flushing with new fluid should be performed anytime a system component (pump, steering rack, hose, reservoir) is replaced.

The power steering fluid reservoir and its filter screen should be replaced or cleaned as necessary.

Radiator Installation Guidelines

BEFORE installing a new radiator, after unpacking, you must first inspect the plastic end tanks, plastic hose fittings and metal core area carefully for any damage that may have occurred during shipping.


For the 1984-88 Audi 5000, and 1989-91 Audi 100/200 DURING INSTALLATION it is very easy to damage, crack or break the hose fitting on the end of the radiator that connects to the expansion tank due to tight clearances at the fender area.

The P/S pump normally must be removed, as well as the fender liner to allow the radiator to be easily tipped and rotated into place without damage to the plastic fittings.

Turbocharger Installation Requirements:

Determine the cause of original turbocharger failure and make all necessary engine or system repairs. Drain Oil and Filter(s), flush engine and oil galleries to ensure no failure particles are present. Install replacement turbocharger and pre-lubricate.

Install NEW Oil Feed Line Install Fresh Oil and Filter Crank Engine with Ignition disabled until oil filter is full and oil pressure warning light goes out. Enable ignition system and start engine, run at idle speed for a minimum of 10 minutes to permit adequate oil supply to the turbocharger. Turbocharger Warranty Information:

Turbochargers can be damaged or can fail due to many "external" factors that have nothing to do with the integrity or quality of the turbocharger assembly. The use of a modified Engine Control Unit (ECU) voids the turbocharger manufacturers warranty because the modified ECU alters the factory boost profile that exceeds the pressure ratio the factory turbocharger was designed for. Modified ECU's in most cases change the factory timing and fuel map settings which can subject the turbocharger to heat loads it was not designed to handle.

ECU modifications, Boost hose leaks or failure, bypass valve failures, or failure of the boost control system can cause the turbocharger compressor/turbine wheels to spin at excessively high speeds which can also cause the turbocharger to fail. The Turbocharger can also be overheated and subsequently damaged by incorrect air/fuel mixtures, clogged or coked oil supply lines, failed catalytic converters, restricted exhaust systems, defective turbocharger cooling system components, missing or incorrect heat shields, foreign objects ingested through the intake or air cleaner system, abusive driving, extended oil change intervals, poor maintenance, and defective after-run cooling system components.

Turbocharger damage or failure by "any" of the above listed conditions, in addition to other non turbocharger related problems, are not covered by this limited warranty. All turbochargers returned for warranty claim will be disassembled and inspected by an approved turbocharger manufacturer representative before any warranty claim is honored. Warranty is limited to repair or replacement of product deemed to be defective, at the sole discretion of the manufacturer representative. Please allow 2-3 weeks for this inspection process and warranty claim to be completed.

Repair Shop Part Installations

If you need you have a part installed by an independent or Dealer repair shop, that requires many hours of labor, we recommend that you have the Repair shop or Dealer source this part locally from their approved sources, to avoid additional labor costs in the case where a warranty claim needs to be processed in the future.

We can not reimburse any costs for any labor required to remove and install a defective part.

Examples of this type of repair, would be installing a rebuilt steering rack, clutch assembly, Turbochargers etc. Most repair shops and dealerships will NOT warranty the part or labor if the part was supplied from another source.

The terms listed on this page are subject to change at any time without prior notice.

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