O2 Sensor, Emission Control related SAE Technical Paper Listings

First two digits indicate the year the article was published.
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650507 Air Fuel Ratios from Exhaust Gas Analysis

760287 Closed Loop Control of Lean Fuel-Air Ratios Using a temperature Compensated Zirconia Oxygen Sensor

860478 Poisoning of Zirconia Exhaust Oxygen Sensors by Silica

860565 Silicon Contamination of Automotive Catalysts

910561 Detection of Catalyst Failure ON-Vehicle Using the Dual Oxygen Sensor Method

912362 Air to Fuel Ratio Control of Gas Engines Using Response Characteristics of Three-Way Catalysts under Dynamic Operation

920234 Universal Air-Fuel Ratio Heated Exhaust Gas Oxygen Sensor and Further Applications

922172 Steady-State Wide-Range Air-Fuel Ratio Control

930388 A Feedback A/F Control System for Low Emission Vehicles

931034 The Role of Ceria In Automotive Exhaust Catalysis and OBD-II Catalyst Monitoring

932873 Measurement of Catalytic Converter Performance Using Exhaust Gas Sensors with Modified Characteristics

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