Engine Management related SAE Technical Paper Listings

First two digits indicate the year the article was published. Order hard copies by going to the SAE web site. 800165 Digital Engine Control for European Cars

810059 Electronic Spark Control Systems, Part 1: Microprocessor-Controlled Ignition System, Part 2: Bosch Knock Control

830424 Microcomputer controlled engine management for the Audi Quattro

840253 The Turbocharged and Inter cooled 2.3 Liter Engine for the Volvo 760

850293 A New Low Pressure Single Point Gasoline Injection System (Bosch Mono-tronic)

850298 Knock Control of Gasoline Engines--A Comparison of Solutions and Tendencies, with Special Reference to Future European Emission Legislation

850559 The Bendix DEKA Fuel Injector Series--Design and Performance

851689 Electronic ignition control (Audi)

860103 The third-generation Turbocharged engine for the Audi 5000 CS and 5000 CS Quattro

860484 Advanced Microcomputer for Engine Control

860487 CLosed Loop Turbocharger Control with Transient Waste gate Functions

860596 Nissan's Present and Future Electronic Concentrated Engine Control Systems

861586 (DIGIFANT) European and US Engine Design Concepts After Introduction of Unleaded fuel in Europe

880084 Influence of Valve Noise on Knock Detection in Spark Ignition Engines

880135 Closed Loop Control at Engine Management System - Motronic

881779 MBT Control through Individual Cylinder Pressure Detection

890388 The Electronic Motor Management System DIGIFANT (G60 VW engine)

890459 Combined Boost Pressure and Knock Control System for Spark Ignition Engines including 3-D Maps for Control Parameters (Bosch)

890759 MBT Control Utilizing Crank Angle of Maximum Combustion Pressure

891648 A New MOTRONIC System with 16 Bit Micro Controller

900453 Nickel Coated Pistons for Improved Durability in Knock Control Engine.

900780 On Chip Real time Operating System for the Engine Control System

920641 Traction Control (ASR) Using Fuel-Injection Suppression - A Cost Effective Method of Engine Torque Control

932664 On Board Diagnostics of Fuel Injector Clogging

960495 Correlation Between Knock Intensity and Heat Transfer Under Light and Heavy Knocking Conditions in a Spark Ignition Engine

960496 Spark-Ignition Engine Knock Control and Threshold Value Determination Copyright © SJM Autotechnik™ , all rights reserved

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