This is a listing of Audi Videos that were available many years ago, but may be difficult to find these days.

  • The Audi quattro Experience,  1 Hour, Early quattro, road-going quattro, Sport quattro, all are shown in amazing rally, roadside, in-car and aerial action.

  • Audi quattro - the official story, 1 Hour, This tells the quattro success story, beginning with rally victories, also features Pikes Peak, Trans Am, IMSA, DTM, French Super. Great video that covers most of the info. found in the other videos.

  • RAC British Touring Car Championship, Season Review 1996,  3 Hours, Excellent in car racing footage, commentary by Murray Walker. A must have.

  • quattro, Racing in the USA,  40 mins, 1988 Trans AM Championship - Audi 200 quattro, 1989 IMSA/GTO Championship - 90 quattro

    The Following videos were originally supplied by the Audi AG Info Service in Germany but may no longer be available.

  • Von Station zu Station (From Station to Station) This is a video that shows the automobile production at Audi AG, around 1990

  • The Same Procedure as Last Year, DTM 1991 16 min

  • Die Silberpfeile aus Zwickau (The silver arrows from Zwickau), This should be available in German or English  49 min, 1933 Auto Union Grand Prix Race cars

  • Grenzbereiche, (German), Frontiers (exploring the limits of race car drivers) 12 min

  • Safari-Rallye 1987, Audi 200 in Africa 16 min

  • Pikes Peak, 1987 16 min

  • Victory Circles, Trans Am, 1988 14 min

  • Gute Zeiten (Good times), Review of Audi Rally involvement, 1981-1986,  31 min

  • Deutsche Tourenwagen-Meistershaft 1990, Audi V8 DTM  24 min

  • Erfolgreich in Europa, (Sucess in Europe)   Die Zwei-Liter-Tourenwagen-Meisterschaften, 1994 Deutschland und Italien; 10 min

  • Audi Mobil, Fortschritt im Wandel der Zeit, Improvement in change over time? 24 min


  • Volkswagen: A week at the Factory Chronicle Books, San Francisco

  • Volkswagen: Then, Now, and Forever 206 pages, written by Terry Shuler


  • Faszination on the Nurburgring, 1994? 30 min, See the Ruf CTR "yellow bird" being piloted around the famous "North circuit" of the Nurburgring by "sideways" Stephan. Audi Car Club of North America may have copies of this video

  • Virginia City Hill climb coverage  Audi Car Club North America (formerly Quattro Club USA) normally has these videos from the past few years, that covers the race course and has footage showing each participant

  • Silver State Classic, Nevada Hwy 318, 48 min, 92 mile Open Road Course, Average speeds from 150-200MPH, Simitar Entertainment

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