Oscilloscope Waveforms

Audi Ignition related, Knock sensor

ECU Timing Sensor Signals From 10V and 20V Five cylinder engines

Ignition: ECU to Coil Driver at Idle

Ignition: ECU to Coil Driver at 5000 RPM

Ignition: ECU to Coil Driver, Engine off with Coil Driver disconnected (no load)

Knock Sensor Waveform

Inductive Pickup Sensor: TDC Signal at 3000 RPM,
Note the increase in amplitude.
Vertical Scale is 10V/Division, Horizontal Scale 2mS/Division

Inductive Pickup Sensor: TDC Signal at Idle.
Vertical scale is 5V/division, Horizontal is 2mS/division

Inductive pickup sensors. TDC reference signal and RPM signal at idle.
Vertical Scale is 5V/Division Horizontal Scale is 500uS/Division

Ignition Signal at idle, primary side of the coil. Terminal 1.
Note that the primary voltage spikes up to almost 250 V when the spark plug is fired.
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