20V Motronic ECU System

1991 200TQ and 1992-95 Audi S4/S6 with 20V Turbo Engine

Bosch Universal Replacement 3 Wire Heated Oxygen Sensor

Bosch makes a replacement 3 wire O2 sensor which is sold in large quantities and carries a lower price. This generic O2 sensor can be used in the Audis if you use your original wiring and connectors and splice it to the wires on the new oxygen sensor.

Contact me if you need one of these generic O2 sensors Audi parts on-line catalog

I use the smaller gauge (red) butt type crimp connectors to splice the original O2 sensor wiring to the new generic O2 sensor. I cut the O2 sensor wires to have different lengths, so I can space the crimp connectors in different locations to allow them to slide inside the original wire sleave to protect them from the elements.

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