20V Motronic ECU System

1991 200TQ with 20V Turbo Engine 1992-95 S4/S6 with 20V Turbo


1991 200TQ 20V There are two sets of brown ground wire terminal connectors on the side of the intake manifold which should be checked for a loose connection. A loose or poor ground connection at the engine can cause some strange running and hard starting problems.

Remove the nuts and inspect the contact area for corrosion, clean the eyelet terminals and re-install the nuts. Here is a close up shot of the connections at the rear area on the 20V intake manifold [1]. 1992-95 S4/S6 The ground wires are located at the back of the intake manifold, remove the allen screw bolting them to the intake manifold and check the wires and terminals for any corrosion.

Also check the ground wire connected at the back of the valve cover for the ignition coil pack. ALL Vehicles: Also check the main engine ground cable that is connected from the body to the engine mount bracket. The S4/S6 have this ground cable from the frame rail to the engine mount bracket on the passenger side.

If memory serves me, the 1991 200TQ 20V has this ground cable on the drivers side engine mount. These ground cables are visible from underneath the engine area.

1991 200TQ 20V Intake Manifold Ground Wires

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References: [1] Audi of America, Technical service training publication:

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