My Adventures at Lemans 2000, France-Germany-Austria Trip Details

Friday-Day 9

Sinsheim Museum: 1986 Audi RS002 Prototype Rally Car, IMSA Audi, Safari Audi 200,

Audi Neckarsulm Delivery Center-Boutique

Audi RS002 Display Sign, The reference to a 6 cylinder engine is interesting, is it a typo error? Audi RS002 front view Audi RS002 Front RS002 Body view Audi RS002 Side view RS002 Tail shot
1 2 3 4 5 6
View of the interior through the windshield Cockpit view, a little out of focus RS002 Rear Wing view Top view showing the NACA duct details Rear suspension view Yet another rear suspension view
7 8 9 10 11 12
Front suspension view Underneath the vehicle details, another front suspension view Partial Engine view, shot through the rear grill View of the large intercooler mounted above the engine, as shot through the rear grill Front wheel shot, car uses the same brake calipers as previous rally cars A view of the audi display at sinsheim
13 14 15 16 17 18
Audi Imsa 90 located nearby Audi Safari 200, located in the same upper display area View of Sinsheim Museum Entrance area Interior shot of one of the Sinsheim Museum buildings with some classic American cars Here is a Bugatti Royal A view of the Sinsheim Museum military vehicle section, from the upper Audi deck
19 20 21 22 23 24
Audi Neckarsulm Gift shop-Boutique Cafeteria in the Audi Delivery Center in Neckarsulm Audi Delivery Center in Neckarsulm New Audis waiting for their new owners Audis get their final preparation and cleanup prior to delivery to the new owners
25 26 27 28 29
  1. Sinsheim Museum: AUDI RS002 Display Sign
  2. RS002 Front View
  3. RS002 Front close up view
  4. RS002 another body view
  5. RS002 Side View
  6. RS002 Tail View
  7. Front view through the windshield
  8. Fuzzy view of the inside cockpit
  9. Rear Wing Close up
  10. Top view, Roof Details
  11. Undercarriage, Rear Suspension
  12. Rear suspension, yet another view
  13. Front Suspension view
  14. Another underneath view of the front suspension
  15. Partial view of the engine, as shot through the rear grill area.
  16. Large Intercooler mounted above engine in rear of vehicle, obscure view through the rear grill.
  17. Front wheel view, 4 piston calipers from previous generation rally car in use.
  18. Audi Sport Display on upper deck at Sinsheim
  19. Audi 90 Imsa race car
  20. Audi 200 Safari rally car
  21. View of the Sinsheim Museum Entrance area
  22. Inside view of one of the Sinsheim Museum building with some classic American cars
  23. Here is a Bugatti Royal inside Sinsheim Museum
  24. View of the Sinsheim military vehicle display from upper deck.
  25. Audi Neckarsulm Gift shop-Boutique
  26. Cafeteria inside the Audi Neckarsulm Delivery Center
  27. Customer Delivery Center art
  28. New Audis waiting for their new owners...
  29. Audis get their final cleanup and preparation before customers take them home

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