My Adventures at Lemans 2000, France-Germany-Austria Trip Details

Wednesday-Day 7-We get to drive the RS4!!! -

We visit a local Audi Dealer - More time at the Audi Museum-Audi warehouse visit

The RS4 gets ready to attack the Autobahn! I feel the need for speed!  Passing on two lane roads, is easy with twin turbo torque!  Buuuuubyeeeeeeee, See ya! Jay brings the beast in for a short rest at our hotel The RS4 waits for me until morning
The RS4 looks good this morning, will I survive the test drive? Notice the cool louvers in the front fender. Nice door sill plates!  Nice interior with great support in the seat department Steering wheel and instrument cluster gets special RS4 treatment RS4, this is the most powerful station wagon in the world, Do ya feel lucky punk?
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Rear seats have some Recaro influence 380 HP 2.7 litre V6 looks great The sticker price for the RS4, just think of it as a 911 station wagon. A nice Audi race car on display Interior is all business Drivers amenities, what no cupholders?
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Side impact protection looks good Front brakes up close A look at the rear brakes We spend some more time at the Audi Museum The Silver Arrows are under wraps More historic Audi/Auto-Union vehicles
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Some two wheel historic vehicles and some toys Looking back in the other direction Another look at the AVUS concept car This is one large vehicle Some toy cars on display Lots of stuff waiting for the new Museum building
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 More Auto-Union memorabilia in storage mode We visit a warehouse with more Auto-Union/Audi vehicles Auto-Union 1000S and an Audi 100? More historic vehicles A limo A6 for those evenings out on the town The Spyder Concept car, very cool!
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Is that one of the Iltis vehicles that helped bring the quattro to life? A small gathering of historic motorcycles Some of the body molds for the AVUS and other concept cars are stacked up against the wall  More historic vehicles hidden away A nice original Sport Quattro S1 Rally Car
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S1 carbon fibre hood details S1 Engine details up close 200 Trans Am with the front bumper removed Audi 90 Imsa Car Pikes Peak S1 rally car and an A2 rally car next door V6 engine that has been cut open for viewing it unique features
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