My Adventures at Le mans 2000, France-Germany-Austria Trip Details

Saturday-Day 3

Audi Hospitality Center

Le mans 24 hour race begins.

The entrance to the Audi Paradise.

A view of the Audi Cheerleaders

The welcome wagon rolls out the red Audi girls and one Audi guy

The inside view of the hospitality tent with the R8 display.

Food, drinks and Audi racing at Lemans!

The big screen TV makes you feel at home

The open bar combined with breakfast, lunch and dinner food service kept everyone smiling

Is there anything I can do for you?

Auto racing video games and Internet terminals fill in the time gaps during the 24 hour race.

The outdoor viewing area at the entrance to the Ford Chicane

The raised viewing deck with a view of the Porsche curve exit area.

The parachute elevator ride tower, lifts you over 200ft in the air for some great views.

The Audi guys get a lift on the tower.

An overhead view of the main grandstand area and the main paddock building with paddock hospitality and pit garages.

Yikes! Good thing we don't have a fear of heights!

A view towards the Porsche Curves

An overhead view of the Audi hospitality tent.

A closer view of the cars leaving the Porsche curves, coming down in front of the Audi hospitality tent

Another view of the Porsche Curve area

We wait patiently for our helicopter ride.

A nice view of the track grandstands and paddock area

The Dunlop bridge can be seen

More aerial views just past the Dunlop bridge

A view of the Tertre Rouge and the entrance to the Mulsanne straight

A Pilots view

More Lemans landscape

Len Hunt from Audi USA

Audi Ticket to the elevator ride

Audi published a nice hand book with details on the services available at the Lemans race, the R8 race car details and the driver details.

The Audi Hospitality tent menu cover.

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