My Adventures at Lemans 2000, France-Germany-Austria Trip Details

Day 10-Saturday-We go to Montlhere Historic Races, Audi celebrates 20 Years of Quattro

Audi Avus Speed Demon, Audi R8 from Lemans, Audi A2 Rally Car

Our Audi Connection comes through again with passes to the Montlhere Historic Races The Audi Display at Montlhere The Audi Hospitality Tent looks great! The food leaves nothing to be desired Emanuele Pirro comes to visit Frank Biela checks out the food service
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Nice Audi banner, how can I sneak one out of here... Let the Historic races begin! Audi Sport has a nice trailer The winning Lemans car #8 makes a few passes around the banked track The high banked track is impressive  More R8 action
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Audi shows off the new RS4 The only view you will see on the Autobahn The lean mean fighting machine Some historic coupes European 200, notice the front bumper differences Auto Union display
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Avus on Display, restoration is complete The 16 cylinder engine on display R8, at tad dirty after 24 hours of Lemans R8 rear shot R8 front air ducting Engine is exposed
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Mo engine details Another view of the V8 Twin Turbo V8 Engine Rear end exposed Michel Mouton, F. Ponz drove this one A2 Rally Car
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A2 Rally Car A2 Rally Car, engine overview A2 Rally Car A2 Rally Car A2 Rally Car, rear brake and diff vents  A2 Rally Car Hood details
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A2 cockpit details Co-pilot view Turbo plumbing, wastegate pipe Rear Spoiler and Oil Cooler Fuel Injection, early Motronic Brake, Clutch reservoirs, shifter operated clutch hydraulics solenoid shown
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 Front Suspension views Rear Suspension Views Carbon kevlar Skid Plate  Skid Plate attachments at the front Rear arm connection
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