My Adventures in Germany, 

  • Germany Trip-2, February 1996


Hofbrauhaus in Munich


February 1996, Well, I made it back from my business trip to Germany and Austria. I was able to go to the Hofbrauhaus and the Deutsches Museum in Munich. Here are the details of my trip........

My exposure to Audi vehicles began early in my journey to Ingolstadt, during my flight on Luftansa airlines the packet that had the "moist towlette" was emblazoned with the new aluminum Audi A8.

I arrived in Munich Sat. morning and was greeted at the airport by yet another Audi A8 (black, very nice) in the arrival area. It was snowing in Munich and because I was planning on renting a BMW later in the week I had visions of spinning BMW's dancing in my head, more on this later....... Stayed at the an airport hotel and did some touristy things over the weekend, took the train into Munich and visited the Lenbachaus and the Kandinsky Art Museum. While wandering around I saw a procession of three silver Audi A8's with police escort front and back heading through the main Marienplatz square area. Some bigwig has good taste! Made my way over to the Hofbrauhaus and filled my tank with two liters of excellent beer (One liter unleaded and one liter of premium dark).

Deutsches Museum, Munich


On Sunday I headed down to the Deutsches Museum, which is the similar to the Smithsonian in Wash. The Deutsches Museum was huge (my feet still hurt) with four or five floors with everything imaginable planes, trains, automobiles, bicycles, power generation etc.

Downstairs in the car area there were some neat cars and displays, the 1930's Silver Arrows (Audi and the Mercedes). They had a section with the 959 Porsche Driveline (engine/trans/front differential) mounted on the wall.

Below this display they had the Audi quattro differential system showing the hollow shaft inside the transmission and a sample of the Torsen differential used by Audi. There was an Audi 80 sedan with cut-away views of the safety systems. They had one of the old NSU R0-80 Rotary engine sedans there as well.

Upstairs in the Aircraft display area I found hidden away in the corner, the Audi V8 that Frank Biela drove to victory during the 1991 DTM series (very cool car).

Saw a demonstration on high voltage electricity (major arcing dude...) that had my hair standing on end.


Graz, Austria


I spent Mon.-Weds down in Austria working at a company that helped develop the TDI diesel engines for BMW, Audi and VW. They had a Brazilian VW Gol (no misspelling) with a 1.8 liter carbureted engine. There are rumors that the new Audi TT would be built somewhere in Austria. Here are some photos I took in the parking lot of a European Audi 200. Note the difference in the bumpers....

Flew back to Munich over the Alps (nice view) and geared up for my Audi factory visit.

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