1997 Pikes Peak Quattro Internet list Gathering

OK, who brought the donuts?

Pre-dawn at the Pikes Peak gathering

Dave's beautiful ur-Quattro

Dave's ur-Q with the MC transplant

Chad's car

Steve B's ur-Quattro

Jim G's car

Eric's nice coupe

Cool Wheels/Brakes

High HP Motor

Ingo's nice V8

Rod Millan turns up the Boost

Rod Millans Beast

Rod Millans wide track

Rod Millans Big Tyres

Ruf Porsche

V8 Powered, and lovin it....!

Objects in the view finder are larger than they appear.......

Steering wheel, don't fail me now.....

It may be small, but it kicked ass on the Ruf Porsche.....

Diesel Powered and SMOKIN!

Honey, someday, this will all be yours....

The Audi gang at the Devils Playground

I'm so dizzy, my head is spinning.......

Here are some shots from a previous Pikes Peak Hill climb, showing part of the course.

Qlist members admire Dave Smith's nice '94 Corrado at the Stapleton airport Porsche track day

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