Audi 20V Engines that use a Glued On Distributor Rotor

Some of the Audi Distributor rotors are glued onto the distributor shaft. In order to remove the old distributor rotor, it often needs to be broken or crushed when removing it from the shaft using a pair of channel lock pliers. You can also use a dremel cutting wheel to "carefully" cut off the old rotor. Use a rag to protect the internals of the distributor from the broken rotor particles.

Be careful not to damage the shaft when crushing this rotor and removing the left over pieces. You need to thoroughly clean the distributor shaft with some fine sand paper and some non residue cleaning solvent like brake clean. Loctite primer solution is also recommended after cleaning and then use Loctite 640 (or equivalent) to secure the new rotor in place. The Loctite needs at least 4 hours to dry before you can start the engine.

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