Bosch 13913 Three wire heated O2 Sensor Installation info

Use the red butt type crimp connectors supplied to splice the original O2 sensor wiring harness with sheath to the new Universal 3 wire O2 sensor.

On the new Universal O2 sensor, cut off the generic connector near the connector and remove the outer sheath. Cut the wires on the new Universal O2 sensor wires to have different lengths, so you can space the crimp connectors away from each other in different locations to allow them to be as thin as possible and allow you to slide them inside the original wire high temp sleeve. This original wiring sleeve should be used to protect them from the elements and the exhaust heat.

After crimping the butt splice connectors onto the new Universal O2 sensor, cut the wires on the old O2 sensor to different lengths near the old sensor, so that you can crimp the butt splice connectors onto the wires, and then slide the connectors up into the original rubber wiring sleeve.


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