KO3 Turbo, Warranty and Installation Info:
Updated Parts list, 97-99 Audi A4 1.8T

K03 Turbocharger Warranty Information

Turbochargers are often damaged by many "external" factors that have nothing to do with the integrity of the Turbocharger itself.
The use of a modified Engine Control Unit (ECU) voids the turbocharger warranty because it alters the factory boost profile and the Engine Control Unit timing and fuel settings. Boost hose leaks, bypass valve failures, or failure of the turbocharger boost control system can cause the turbocharger to spin at excessively high speeds which can damage the turbocharger.

Incorrect air/fuel mixtures, and/or timing settings can cause exhaust temperatures to climb excessively that exceeds the manufacturer recommended operating temperatures. Foreign objects in the intake or exhaust side of the turbocharger can damage the turbine or compressor blades and cause turbocharger failure.
The turbocharger must be supplied with clean oil of the correct specifications and under the correct operating pressure as dictated by the manufacturer requirements.

Turbochargers that are damaged by any of the aforementioned "external" factors will void the manufacturers turbocharger warranty.

Turbochargers returned for warranty replacement should include a copy of the original sales receipt, along with the sales receipt for the additional turbocharger installation parts required by the vehicle manufacturer. The returned turbocharger will first be inspected by an authorized 3K-Warner Turbosystems remanufacturing facility to determine what caused the damage or failure before any replacement turbocharger(s) are issued. Please allow 2-3 weeks for this inspection process to be completed before any warranty replacement turbocharger is returned. Warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of product deemed to be defective at the sole discretion of the 3K-Warner Turbosystems remanufacturing facility.

KKK Borg Warner Turbo Systems
Advice for fitting the Turbocharger

1. Attention! Incorrect use of a turbocharger or changes to the turbocharger may lead to damage.
2. Therefore, we ask you to observe the engine manufacturer's repair instructions and the following general advice.
3. In the delivery program you will find for each engine the specification number of the turbocharger released for that specific engine. This number must be identical with the specification number on the nameplate of the respective turbocharger.
4. Before fitting the turbocharger, check the air and oil filter systems of the engine, and change the filters and the oil.
5. Examine and/or clean the engine intake and exhaust manifolds. Foreign matter in the manifolds is bound to cause damage during start up.
6. The oil feed and oil drain lines should be examined and/or cleaned as well.
7. Fill up the oil feed hole of the turbocharger with clean engine oil, in order to ensure perfect lubrication during start up.
8. Fit the turbocharger, using new flange gaskets. As a rule, the connecting screws for fixing the turbine housing are heat-resistant. Use only screws of a suitable specification. If required, you will have to correct the position of the compressor or turbine housing in accordance with the fitting conditions. When tightening the screws, observe the torque values given in the repair instructions.
9. Start the engine and idle for aprox. 30 seconds before applying load.
10. After start-up, check that all air, gas, and oil line connections are tight.
Safety Notes: Hot surfaces!
Do not touch the turbocharger during and directly after operation:
Do not hold anything into the openings during operating of the turbocharger: fast rotating parts
Warranty and/or liability claims against 3K-Warner Turbosystems GmbH will not be considered if the turbocharger(s) are used without due observation of the aforementioned installation instructions.

Additional Parts Required during Turbocharger Replacement.

Due to problems with the original heat shield and oil supply line used with the K03 Turbo, the Audi service bulletin indicates that the following new parts are required to maintain long life and the manufacturers warranty when installing a new Turbo in the 1997-99 Audi A4 1.8T

Oil supply line
Heat shield
Oil line supply gasket
Oil Line drain gasket
Exhaust gasket
Exhaust Gasket to Cat Converter

For installing a new turbo, the Audi parts information also shows that some studs/screws are required
Exhaust Bolts (qty 3)
Exhaust Studs (qty 3),
After VIN 8D-W-007800 some washers also are required (qty 3)

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