Installation Information

Air Temperature Sensor Audi 5000TQ/200TQ

The replacement air temp sensors require the use of a new 2 terminal connector housing, boot and two wires with non insulated crimp terminals installed.

Cut the existing wires from the old air temp sensor and remove the old boot. Insert the new rubber boot over the two wires and pull it over the outer sheath so you can strip back the insulation on the 2 wires.

Strip enough insulation off the each wire so that you can use a butt splice connector and a ratchet type Crimping Tool to crimp on the new wire with terminal.

Before crimping the two new wires to the existing harness wiring
, slide some heat shrink tubing over the 2 wires so you can cover the butt splice connectors after they are crimped to the new wires with terminals.

Once you have both wires spliced onto the new wire with terminal, and the heat shrink tubing has been installed over the spliced area, you can insert each terminal into the new connector housing.

It does not matter which terminal is inserted into each one of the connector holes but each terminal needs to be inserted in such a way as to engage the small retention blade on each terminal and then you can fold over the purple end clip to retain the terminals into the housing.

After you have both of the terminals inserted into the new connector housing and the purple clip folded over, you will push the purple insert into the connector. Finally you can work the boot over the end of the connector housing.

When installing the connector over the new sensor, pushing on the spring clip can help get the connector over the connector of the air temp sensor.

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