Bentley CD ROM Installation and Registration Instructions

Insert the Bentley CD into your CD ROM drive. If the CD setup program does not start on its own, from the Windows start menu, select RUN and use the BROWSE feature to locate and click on the CD ROM drive shown with the Bentley repair manual CD.

Locate and click on the setup.exe program from the Bentley CD files listed and then click on OPEN to select this program. Click OK to RUN the program and then follow the onscreen prompts to load the eBahn program onto your PC. If needed, follow the prompts to install the Acrobat Reader, and then exit the Acrobat reader after it has been installed.

Once you have loaded the CD ROM eBahn reader program onto your computer, you will need to Activate your License for the CD ROM repair manual to access the repair information. Double-click on the eBahn icon on your desktop to start the Registration process. The “Bentley Publishers eBahn Registration New Content” screen will appear.

The Internet on line registration is the quickest way to register your CD ROM. Enter the information requested except for the “Content Key” code and then click the “Register” button. If you do not have an Internet connection, you can also create a Fax Registration form and Fax it to 1-617-492-1586, Bentley Publishers will fax you back your Content Key during regular business hours.

You can also call Robert Bentley Publishers directly to register the CD ROM
9.00am - 6.00pm Mon - Thurs (US Eastern Time) 9.00am - 5.00pm Friday
1.800-585-2382 Within the USA and Canada, 1 617-528-4104 (International)

If you need to move the CD ROM Repair Manual to another computer, use the License Manger pull down menu to “Transfer Activation Key” and follow the instructions.

After registration is complete and the CD ROM has been activated, I recommend that you download the latest Service Pack which contains updates for the eBahn reader. You can do this directly from the eBahn reader HELP pull down menu, select "Online Updates". You can also go to the Bentley web site to download.

Software Support information and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) are found here

For quicker operation, the CD ROM can be loaded directly onto your Hard Drive, from the TOOLS drop down menu, select "Copy Data to Hard Drive"

We find the best way to use the CD ROM manual for on car repairs and service, is to print out the relevant section of the manual you need to use, and place the printed pages in a loose leaf binder to make it easier to see the information while repairing your car.

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